The first game session release

The first game session is started.

Major innovations include:
• reworked critical hit mechanics (critcal hit table altered, armore ignore divides resists only by 2);
• new sneak system based on items volume;
• burst fire reworking (chance of critical hit and critical modifier is calculated for every bullet individually, but critical effect is same for the whole burst);
• new viewing distance system (vision range changes dynamically depending on time of the day);
• place attack system, available for weapons with area damage (allows to fire at certain spot on the location);
• reworked characteristics of weapons, ammo, armor and other items, introduction of new weapon characteristics, ability to set any AP cost for reloading;
• new kinds of weapons, ammo, armor, craft ingredients;
• reworked craft system and economics;
• reworking of many perks and traits;
• ability to raise SPECIAL stats to 15 with perks and drugs (registration limit is still 10);
• reworked drugs, introduction of visual effects for them;
• replication system reworking (replication time depends on level and replication balance, debtors replicate weakened);
• item characteristics randomization system (crafted or bought items can get a variety of bonuses influencing their characteristics or the character);
• detailed system of extraction of resources from environment objects;
• a system of group base defending from attaching critters, with gradual increase of difficulty and chance of getting valuable items;
• faction system, allowing to create factions, accept other players, conclude unions with or declare war against other factions, set a specific color for each faction, put players to common list of faction friends and enemies using in-game inerface;
• tracking other players on global map system (done by seizing 1 of 4 radar stations, each covering 1/4 of the map);
• changed working principles of many skills (first aid, doctor, unarmed, melee, throwing, big guns, steal, repair);
• some work done on increasing playability of non-combat characters (ability to use robos as companions, etc);
• experience for killed critters on encounters is distributed between characters according to damage dealt;
• new configurator, allowing to switch between interfaces, made specifically for TLAmk2 (by xeilz and DoctorEex);
• reworked interface, hotkey controls, unique feature of auto-aim (aim choice menu removed, body part is chosen in the interface), on screen timeouts display, etc;
• developed system of city patrols, aimed to provide partial safety in most towns;
• original system of shelters, created on encounters using a transmitter (one shelter can be used by an unlimited number of players, upon creating a new shelter old one is no longer available), where parking of transport is also possible;
• newcomer location, aimed at demonstrating the basics of gameplay;
• ability to lead parties of up to 4 people with 1 charisma point;
• ability to add people to personal warehouses, receied on a quest in Redding;
• sysem of accumulated timeouts for craft and healing;
• global map encounters reworked (new ones introduced, old ones altered), number of aggressive critters depends on player's level;
• system of item decraft, by using science on items;
• unique system of random generation of number and variety of items on traders in towns, and system of gradual items supply (items spawn not in bulk, but are added in 6 stages);
• unique system of slave capture, ability to control captured NPCs, set behavior style via dialog, and usage of them as personal traders (with a possibility to set trading for cash only mode);
• unique companion control interface (slaves, mercenaries, mysterious strangers) with ability to set destination points, attack targets or cease current actions;
• etc.

Full detailed changelog you can see here.