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    Server summary


    FOnline: TLA mk2 is a global reworking of FOnline: The Life After, which started as a massive-gameplay oriented game, but was later transformed into a finite cooperative game with its own plot for LAN play\

The main goal of TLA mk2 is adaptation of FOnline: The Life After world for a convenient and interesting gaming experience for large numbers of players - both high and low levels; creation of a server which would be as close to that «Fallout Online» we all dreamed about when we played the original games. At the same time the work is aimed at keeping as much FOnline: TLA content as possible, i.e. "it's the same game and more".

        Now the second game session is in progress on the server. The player interaction system has been changed radically: all cities are now guarded, but you can't acquire advanced equipment there — you'll have to visit free PvP locations for that. This way the interests of high and low level players are separated — the latter can study the game and complete quests, the former - compete with other players in battles.

        Along with developing the world, we are getting rid of "legacy of the original" — elements inconvenient and unsuitable for a massive real-time online game that the original TLA team tried to preserve in homage to the original games. This includes simplification of controls, expansion of the interface, reworking of character's parameters (restoring the value of characteristics, skills and perks that lost their actuality), reworking of combat system so that victory would depend more on players' skills rather than random dice rolls.


        Some of the features you'll see in game: 


    Interface and controls

     - Reworking of aimed shot: choosing the body part is done before the shot;

    - Many hotkeys, both combat and non-combat;

    - Display of timeouts on screen;

    - Health bars and weapons display (with Awareness perk);



    - Complete reworking of critical hit calculation;

    - Complete reworking of unarmed damage mechanics;

    - Introduction of «Anti-crit» parameter to armor, lowering critical hit chance on the wearer;

    - Fixing of armor piercing ammunition (In Fallout 2 it always did less damage, even to armored targets);

    - All weapons reworked and a lot of new weapons introduced. Weapons are no longer divided into "god tier" and "shit tier" only;

    - Drug effects reworked;

    - Sneak mechanics reworked;


     - Merchants' assortment reworked — now it's easy to buy basic equipment, but nearly impossible to buy top equipment (you'll have to craft it or fight for it);

     - Craft improved: most items can be crafted with no difficulty, but for crafting of top equipment you must have access to special production plants.


    New gameplay elements

      - A starting location that will teach you the basics of the game;

     - Parameters of many items are no longer static. You can create items with improved qualities and new abilities.

     - System of faction control: you can create your own faction, assign ranks, color manage your allies and enemies, declare war or alliance with other factions;

     - The ability to track other players on global map (must seize 1 of 4 radar stations);

     - A basic shelter system for beginners and advanced base system for those who can afford it;

     - NPC allies: you can hire mercenaries and capture slaves;

     -New quests, introduction of the basis for quest perk system.


    Changes in gameplay elements

     - Defending military bases players will have to fight off NPC aggressors;

     - New viewing range system depending on the time of day

    And many other features.