Base management problems (scripting)

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by Ernest Gaskin, Feb 25, 2016.

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    Ernest Gaskin

    Sep 29, 2013
    When researching bases for wiki and then selling them off, we have noticed two particular bugs that are kind of important.

    1) A certain player can still see the base, even after cleaning the inhabitants list (where he isnt showing anyway).

    - When researching the bases, i would buy each one on particular character (id 13375), document it and then pass it off on a dummy character to be able to buy another one. Upon selling the base, it would change hands again, this time from the dummy character to the forum buyer, not_a_cat.

    What he would do right after was purging (clearing) the inhabitants list. While the dummy character could not see it anymore, the original owner (13375) could. When checked the inhabitants list, he wouldnt be there (neither would be, btw, the current owner).

    The only thing that worked was removing 13375 manually, ie. typing his name in to remove.

    The point being here, there is a possibilty for a player to somehow see a certain base without showing up on the manifest or being subjectible to the inhabitants purge, making it impossible to confront that without knowing his name.

    I sold him two bases, he agreed to leave this bug in one of them so you guys can see whats going on there. The base is a cave near arroyo owned by a character id 13645.

    2) A logged off player that is not supposed to see the base will log back in there.

    An already existing wiki article had me (and everybody i talked to) believe that if a player logs into a base he doesnt belong too, he will spawn on the world map. This is clearly not the case tho, as tested with multiple characters on multiple bases.
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