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The following pages were translated by random players, please contact Мякоть(Myakot) on forum (or actual Fonline:TLAmk2 admin: Dagnir) if you have any questions or remarks.

TLAmk2 is a progressive server which is based on a game FOnline: The Life After (also known as FOnline:TLA) and is continuing its traditions while changing the gameplay to a whole new level. Down below is the information regarding basic principles of the server, gameplay features and the most important updates. If you are going to play FOnline for the first time, please visit this F.A.Q. first (will probably be translated someday).


Server's Idea

FOnline: The Life After was previously created as a massive mmo-like game, but with given time developers have decided that it must have a co-op-like experience with a possible single-player and an ending. Top priority fot TLAmk2 is to keep the servers up and running, working on future updates and keeping the spirit of FOnline:TLA, while also changing the world to be comfortable for a huge mass of players at once (an mmo-like genre). Also there are minor tasks, such as changing all the content of "classic Fallout 2" which is not acceptable for an mmo-like game. Such things as: making a user-friendly GUI, simplification of controls, reworked S.T.A.T.S. and everything else (certaint S.T.A.T.S., perks and traits were not usefull at all), reworked battle system, which depends less on random triggers and more on a player's skill.

Level cap (limit) is = 36


  • Simplified VATS system: you aim at a body part before you chose your target.
  • Lots of "battle" hotkeys are added.
  • Added time-outs on the player's GUI (no need to check them at your pip-boy).
  • With selected "Awareness" perk you can see hp of every npc\player in your vicinity.
  • Something else.

Battle system

  • An entirely new "Critical chance" system.
  • Reworked melee damage.
  • Every armor in the game now has an "anti-critical" bonus, which decreases wearer's chances of being hit with a critical hit.
  • "Fixed" all ARP (armor penetration) rounds. (Fallout's ARP rounds were always hitting much less damage than normal rounds).
  • Reworked drugs.
  • Entirely reworked sneaking system.
  • Something else.


  • Merchant's ranged of goods is reworked as well, now a new player will have no problem with laying his hands upon some nice gear, but Top-tier items can't be bought (only crafted or gained from other players).
  • Craft system was reworked: most of the items can now be crafted all by yourself, excluding top-items, which may demand an access to certain "crafting facilities".
  • (some links required for future references).

New gameplay elements

  • New starting location for learning the basics of the game.
  • Most of the items have dynamic set of bonuses on them. Player can find\create an item with bonus attributes.
  • PvE locations for solo\co-op loot farming.
  • Radar which gives you an ability to track other players on the global map.
  • Solo-players (still everyone) can store their valuables on a single random encounter on the world map. (Retranslator, add link later).
  • Some new quests, few of which grant you quest-only perks. (can be obtained only through a certain quest).
  • Something else.

Changes in the previous gameplay elements

  • While you are on a "Base Defence" event (add link), any player\faction can join in on the fun (for both help and griefing).

Development Team

  • Sidle Jinks - Game design, manager of the network resources.
  • Tabak - Scripts.
  • Rigel - Translator.
  • StaleCracker - Scripts.
  • Dagnir - Map creator, forum supervisor.
  • Elxiz - Map creator, graphics designer.
  • Dimanson - Map creator, dialogue writer.
  • JunoReactor - Map creator, graphics designer.
  • kamex - Scripts, Eng. translator.
  • DoctorEex - Interface creator, Eng. translator.
  • Ra - Scripts, graphics creator.

Special thanks:

  • Zeratul - CBT of the server, server\site hosting.
  • rifleman17 - advices.
  • Ralph - helped with dialogues.
  • Belkien - helped with dialogues.
  • Chuvachello - Eng. translator.
  • Jack Daniell - helped with importing new items.
  • Sancat - helped with dialogues.
  • dholly - Eng. translator.

Developer Policy

  • TLAmk2 Project will never be commercial.
  • We do not support any of the in-game organizations and will not handle any of the in-game situations between players. This project is a completely "closed" sand-box where only players decide which way will the server go.
  • Multi-windowed play with multiple accounts is not supported, but is not prohibited either. We are trying to change certain game elements, so that you won't have to resolve to that method, at least where it's possible.
  • FOnline's forum is heavily moderated, if you don't enjoy this form of moderation, please do not write on our forum.


Close-to-none income is a huge problem, and often results in huge human-resource leaks. You are always welcome if you know your way around Scripts, Map creator or dialogue writing. If you are willing to lend a hand to us, feel free to contact Sidle Jinks on our forum, stating your skills and preferably how much time can you devote to the game. If you want to help with something, but you don't have lots of spare time, feel free to visit "Идеи и Предложения" (Ideas) and make them come true. (using FOnline SDK). There is no "boss" around here, so if you will lend your hand, no one will order you around. You are free to expand in whichever direction you like most.

In the nearest Future

After the server launch main goal would be to add mmo-like gameplay elements. For an example instances, new party-quests, daily quests, reworked faction system - buy a base and expand it. Most of it is already done. Follow the updates, frequently visit our server and we hope that you will not regret it ;).